Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue Work

Veterinary Care for Homeless Animals

Believe in the value of spaying and neutering pets to combat overpopulation in your area. By spaying or neutering your pet, you can help reduce the strain on our community and ease animal suffering.

Between 6-8 million pets enter shelters each year. Of these pets, many are euthanized, including up to 70% of the cats within shelters (Source: By spaying and neutering your pet, you can help lower these numbers and prevent overpopulation in your community.

Support our efforts to help local animal rescue organizations. By supporting Pet Day Surgery, you are becoming part of the solution!

Our Goals within Animal Rescue

  • Spay and neuter rescue cats to prepare them for ‘forever homes’
  • Spay and neuter dogs previously living in puppy mills
  • Work with local rescue organizations to curb the homeless animal population
animal rescue
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