Discharge Intructions

Discharge Instructions


Take your pet directly home after surgery. To prevent injury, keep cats in carries, dogs in kennels until fully awake an coordinated. They need to rest in a warm area away from children and other pets for 12 hours. DOGS NEED TO HAVE A LOW ACTIVITY LEVEL FOR 4 DAYS! ( this mean no jumping on or off beds, doing stairs, and leash walking for going to the bathroom) This is especially important for female spays.

You can offer small amounts of food and water when the pet is fully awake, resuming normal feeding in 24 hours. Some animals,especially females, may have a depressed appetite for two of three days after surgery. It is recommended to feed canned food to cats at least once a day to increase fluid intake. This helps to prevent urinary issues. 



Slight discomfort or irritation may occur near the incision. Discourge excessive licking or biting at the incision. If necessary, Pet Smart or other pet store carry E-collars.
Check the incision daily for discharge of swelling please call with question.
Keep the area dry, do not bathe animal or allow swimming for 2 weeks.
Unless you are told otherwise the suture used was absorbable and there is no need for sutures to be removed.


DO NOT administer any pain medicine except a the direction of a veterinarian.
Aspirin, Tylenol and othe pain relievers are toxic to your pet


IF your pet was in heat at time of surgery, the heat scent will continue for sever all days after surgery. DO NOT allow any dog, neutered or un-neutered to come in contact with your female. If she is mounted severe damage can result. Male can remain potent for as long as three weeks after surgery. Do not allow your pet to come in contact with female that have not been spayed.


If your pet had a dental cleaning, please feed canned food for a t least 4 days or soak kibble to soften it. The gums are sensitive and if extractions were done it will be more comfortable for the pet to eat. Follow instructions for antibiotics and pain med. 


Use Yesterday's News or The World's Best Cat Litter for 2 weeks after surgery so paws can heal. It may be best to confine your cat to one room with his food/water or one side and litter box on the other sidle for a few days after surgery to promote healing and isolate him/her from other pets. Give pain med as directed and call with questions. If kitty's paws would start bleeding excessively for any reason, keep them confined in padded carrier for a few hours. This would be an unusual occurrence.
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