Cat Declawing

What Is Declawing?

Declawing consists of removing the nail, nail bed, and the toe bone closest to the nail. This permanently prevents the growth of nails from the foot. Most cats recover from this procedure very well, though older or overweight animals can take longer to recover.

We aim to minimize the pain your cat experiences and give it a quick recovery.
Following the procedure, your cat will be treated with pain medication and monitored for discomfort. The following morning, it will be sent home with pain medication to keep it comfortable while healing at home.

What Are the Alternatives to Declawing?

Scratching inanimate objects in the home like doorways or furniture is a natural cat behavior, though it can be damaging. A few alternative ways to prevent damage in your home include:
  • Regular nail trimming at home
  • Placing caps over your cat's nails
  • Providing scratching posts or other desirable materials for your cat to scratch on
  • Using a feline pheromone spray or diffuser like Feliway

Did You Know?

If you decide to declaw your cat, it is important to keep them indoors afterward. A cat’s nails are part of its defense system, so when removed, they are no longer able to defend themselves from predators or dangers outside.
For more information on nail trimming or preventing scratching, check out the following videos.
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